Websites to Help You Relax for a Moment

Most people often say that their university years was the most exciting and crazy time of their life. This is when we’re full of energy, new ideas and see no obstacles ahead of us. But we shouldn’t forget that this time is also very stressful and exhausting. With all those lectures, essays, research papers, tight deadlines, and team projects there seems to be no time left just to relax and take a moment for yourself. Nevertheless, it’s very important to take a minute and just forget about all the stress and noise around to find a new lease of life. Sometimes, in order to find the solution to a problem, or just to wait for inspiration to come, all we need to do is take a break.

Here are 10 websites which will guard your peaceful pursuit. They’re divided into several groups for your convenience, so that you would easily find what you need.

Visual relaxation


Silk – Interactive Generative Art

This site opens up the great depth of your inner artist allowing you to create unbelievable visual objects. You will be completely hypnotized by the fantastic possibilities and the effect they impose on your sub-conscience.


Amazed by the photos of distant nebulae? Now you get a chance to draw one of your own. Create it, share with your friends and amaze them with your limitless abilities;)


With every click of your mouse the screen will be divided into multicolored squares. You can create a new piece of modern abstract art, or just take some time and watch colors changing and twisting.


Here you’re in control of a line in 3D format that spins in the space and you get to control it. It’s very simple idea, but amazingly gives your brain some rest.

Sound relaxation


Noisli background noise and color generator for working and relaxing

If you want to give your eyes some rest after restless typing on a laptop, you should definitely visit this resource and enjoy smooth noises of nature. You can hear to rain, forest and water sounds. Besides, there’s three auto modes: random, productivity and relax; you can choose whichever you feel like and suits best to satisfy your current needs.



There’s no surprise that lots of writers enjoy working at little cafes, diners and coffee shops. This constant buzz of people coming and going, talking and whispering sets a proper mood for creativity. With this site you don’t need to go out of you apartment to be able to hear these noises. Enjoy!


Relax to the sound of rain with

Are you one of those people who finds the sound of rain beautiful and soothing? If yes, you will definitely like this site.


Virtual Shower

If only a refreshing shower can make your head clear again, then add this site to your favorites. You can set time of the shower, size of a room, pressure, and even radio.



Do Nothing for 2 Minutes

The title of this site tells you everything you need to know about it: you just do nothing for 2 minutes and enjoy beautiful picture of sunset at the sea.


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