Programming Help

Usually we associate working with Google Sheets with a lot of monotonous work, when we have to copy and paste data from a third-party service into the application.

But by using ApiX-Drive you will forget about this, because by setting up the transfer of data from the necessary services to Google Sheets, you will no longer have to waste your time on this. Now you can spend your daily hours more economically in favor of other tasks, and ApiX-Drive will do the routine part of the work for you. So, in the following five paragraphs, we’ll describe everything ApiX-Drive can do with respect to Google Sheets.

  1. Transferring leads to Google Sheets and CRM systems

You’re probably used to using Google Sheets to count customers and transfer their data, because it’s easy to do calculations through formulas, to extract the necessary information from datasets with the app. But for more practicality, it’s better to copy the data and feedback of leads into CRM-systems, so that nothing gets lost and you don’t miss out on future clients.

Programming Help

We don’t think you want to transfer your data manually, so we suggest you use ApiX-Drive. It will transfer the necessary information and customer requests to the services you configure.

Sending Notifications to Contacts in Google Sheets

Often small businesses use Google Sheets to enter order information. And there is a problem when you need to send an order notification not only to the delivery service, but of course also to the customer. But doing this at the same time is terribly inconvenient.

But again ApiX-Drive comes to the rescue, with which you can send several notifications at once. One has only correctly set up a newsletter, and you do not have to bother with unnecessary things.

  1. Notify employees and colleagues about upcoming work in Google Sheets.

With the help of tables is very easy and convenient to make a plan of work and keep records of the work done. In different columns and columns you can write out what needs to be done over the next month, for example. But it would be great if you could inform your employees about what they have to do. ApiX-Drive will help to do corporate mailings, using different applications and messengers.

  1. Combining a number of spreadsheets in Google Sheets

Sometimes while working with Google Sheets you might need to combine several tables in one. Agree, you don’t want to deal with this chore at all and retyping or copying data from one place to another. Especially if you have to do it often, you can’t do without an assistant!

You can set it up with other programs so that data from one sheet or table is automatically transferred to Google Sheets. You can also adjust filters and ApiX-Drive will copy only the information you need.

  1. Transferring leads from advertising platforms to Google Sheets

If your company is among those who want to save money on a CRM system and enter the lead data into Google Sheets, you may have trouble keeping up with recording new leads in time. After all, the more advertising channels – the greater the flow of information you need to process. So you are already thinking that it would be a good idea to have customer requests automatically added to Google Sheets.

In this case, ApiX-Drive is able to copy lead information into Google Sheets when you pair the app with the service. Now you wouldn’t have to handle messages and requests from customers from different social networks and messengers on your own.


Using ApiX-Drive will not require you to have knowledge of information technology or programming skills. All you need to do is look at the website instructions for synchronizing Google Sheets with other programs and enjoy the convenience the service provides.